A Body Roc Fitness & Love To Groove Fitness Virtual Experience

Body Roc Squad! Welcome to the Love to Groove Fitness Virtual experience! You are here because you are interested in adding Cardio to your fitness journey.

In this space you are encouraged to let loose, sweat it out and dance like no one is watching! These classes are designed for everyday people, no experience required! It is a continuous moving session that provides room for YOU to burn calories and break chains, while having a great time. 

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Payment Steps: 

  1. You Must Pay before entry into the classes 
  2. Choose & Click on your desired Class Pass
  3. Once you pay, the Zoom link will be sent to you in the confirmation email. (Links are 1-time use only and not shareable) 
  4. Please Email us at lovetogroovellc@gmail.com for any questions, comments, and concerns. 
  5. No Refunds! 

Love To Groove Fitness FAQ

  1. Will classes be streamed via youtube?
    • Unfortunately, Youtube is not an option at this time. LTG Fitness uses copyrighted music in live classes, so once it is streamed via youtube, the stream will be shutdown due to copyright laws.
  2. Can I stream Zoom classes to my TV?
    • Yes, Some smartphones have a mirroring option that allows you to stream from your device to your TV. Another option would be to get an HDMI cable and connect your laptop to your TV; this way you can access zoom via your laptop and watch the webinar on the television.
  3. Are these classes for experienced Dancers?
    •  No, the classes are designed for everyday people who may have never danced before. Routines are broken down and repeated for muscle memory. The more you attend class, the better you’ll remember the routines